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Let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Mandy Malone, Ms. Mandy, to you.   I am a cuckold wife, and I
did not start out  this way, if you have the time, I can tell you how it all happened.  Let me I share with you, a few things about me. For one thing, I am a hopeless romantic; I do not care for anything abusive directed my way.  I love flowers, and perfume, champagne and lobster.  I enjoy pop music, love to dance, and workout.  I am an avid golfer, and a fan of fine dining.

If I may say so I am quite the bit of a slut. I like to fuck around on my husband, he is submissive and weak.  But, he was not always that way.  I am responsible for his ultimate deferment to me, sexually.   I have always enjoyed a variety of men, and I make no secret of the fact.  I did not know that my husband was ever aware of this before our marriage. 

I particularly enjoy fine lingerie, expensive high heels, and well hung handsome, athletic men. Age is not important if they are well endowed and able to satisfy me. I enjoy a man with expert sexual prowess. If you happen to be a player, better yet.

My insatiable appetite for kinky sex and bizarre make me the right candidate for you to phone me for an erotic phone session, I will bring you to a new level of eroticism.

Save my number and be sure to call Ms. Mandy!

I would enjoy you sharing with me, your kinkiest fantasy, or even something you have actually done sexually that is exciting, in real life.

Or perhaps you have a fantasy that you masturbate to over and over again. We can role-play it out.  I am dominant and will take charge of you.  I am capable of taking over your thoughts, being hypnotic and addictive, as well as seductive.  I like to be spoiled, are you a money piggie ready to turn over your cash or send me gifts or both? This is making your dick hard of course.

I am fond of weak men. It is amusing for me to put you under my spell and humiliate you. I will degrade you and laugh at you.  Especially if you are bold enough to tell me you cannot satisfy me with your small penis. I really enjoy hearing about your useless little dick, if you want to measure it, so that I can laugh at your tiny cock, I am sure that this will make our phone sex call so much more fun. You can email me pictures of yourself, because I also find that so amusing.

What type of sexual topics interest me?
Well, I like sissy's, and submissive men. I am very interested in cross-dressing and panty sluts.
CBT, Small penis humiliation, Orgasm Denial, Chastity, Femdom, Lingerie and Panty Fetishes.
Most kinky fetishes.

I will control YOU!

I like real men who can satisfy men, weak men I can abuse.

Are you a Real Man or a Loser? Call me up and let me know what kind of man you really are.

Call Toll Free  1-877-732-6360

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