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Stats: 5'4", 110 lbs, 34D-24-34
Age: 26 years old
Favorite Wine: Cabernet
Favorite Food: Sushi
Addiction: Working Out
Favorite Singer: Jared the Creator
Favorite Movie: Bad Moms
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Weakness: Lingerie

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I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Mandy and I am a young housewife. By young, I mean 26 old. We have been married for 5 years. And although now I am cuckold wife, I did not start out that way.

Before I began to fancy dressing my husband in my clothing and lingerie, and sissifying him, I was a normal red blooded woman, looking for sexual satisfaction. If you are looking for erotic phone fantasies and role-playing, I am very capable of making your erotic expectations soar to new heights. I enjoy masturbating mutually, I also like extreme role-plays, and fetishes, so you do not have to be shy, or embarrassed when you call me.

In fact, I was quite the bit of a slut, with an insatiable appetite for variety and sex. If you want a fantasy about a slut, then you are calling the right girl. I like to do it all, always have and always will. I like a man with a good appetite that can satisfy me and do everything in his power to make this bad girl cum hard.

Some Favorite Fantasies: Naughty wicked next door neighbor corrupting an unsuspecting male younger then herself. Girl looking for a good time. Smoking teen looking for a romp in the hay.

What is your kinkiest fantasy? Do you have a fantasy that you masturbate to over and over again? I would like to hear about your fantasy and we can role-play it out. Are you longing to be dominated or to dominate me? I can be hypnotic and addictive, are you a money piggie ready to turn over your cash? Does any of this make your dick hard? Of course it all does.

I have a dominant side that likes to control weak men. I like to put you under my spell and humiliate you. I like to degrade and laugh - especially if you are bold enough to tell me your can't satisfy me with your small penis. I really enjoy hearing about your useless little dick, if you want to measure it, so that I can laugh at it, that would make our call so much more fun. You can email me pictures of yourself, because I also find that so amusing.

I grew up in a household where spankings were a normal part of the routine. I will have no trouble employing a hard hand brush, or dad's leather belt. I like to pull your pants down and put you over my knee for some serious discipline. If you have a brush, belt or paddle, that would work. I don't mind making you cry, after all you are a bad boy! If that does not work we can try some CBT.

Call Toll Free  1-877-732-6360